Heard in Chapel Spring 2018

Jan. 8, 2018
”It is important for us to come together regularly to remember that the Lord is God, to remember why we are here, and that there is a why that goes with the what of our education at Harding University.”
President Bruce McLarty

Feb. 9, 2018
“The most important thing about love is listening, and God doesn’t just listen to respond; he listens to understand. We can know God is listening by the story of Jesus Christ.”
Isaac Davis, Bible and preaching major from Garland, Texas

Feb. 23, 2018
“One of the most masterful things God created is you.”
Dr. Andrew Baker, director of the Mitchell Center for Leadership and Ministry

March 13, 2018
“Fifty-three percent of those who are age 16-19 said that they would rather not have their sense of smell than give up their technology. … Out of all the senses, sense of smell is the most neglected in forms of worship in the Christian faith. Who can stand to be the weight of the fragrance of Christ? As brothers and sisters of Christ, we do.”
Dr. Ben Mitchell, bioethics expert

March 19, 2018
“We never know when we are going to break through a quest or a desire.”
Earl Young, Olympic gold medalist

March 27, 2018
“With God in your life, anything is possible. The only disabilities that any of us have in our lives is a negative attitude.”
H.K. Derryberry, motivational speaker who was born blind with cerebral palsy and has other medical issues due to a car accident

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