Heard in Chapel Spring 2019

On Thursday, March 21, our campus community gathered together for daily chapel to remember and honor the life of junior Mary Joy Uebelein, who died March 16 from injuries she sustained in a car accident March 8. See Mary Joy’s obituary here.

“Remember this: God calls each and every star by name — It’s not likely He has forgotten yours.”
Tweet from Mary Joy on Jan. 16 read by
President Bruce McLarty

“We sing when words are not enough.”
Sean Alex Smith, song leader

“Mary Joy was passionate about people. She was
passionate and present in all of her relationships.”

“I’m confident that Mary Joy never had to ask Jesus who her neighbor was. She always put others before herself.”

“She chose joy in all circumstances and gained hope in return.”

“I challenge you on Mary Joy’s behalf to choose joy every day you are blessed to be on this earth.”
Chase Mangrum, Delta Gamma Rho president

“She did everything in life with her crown held high, a smile spread delicately across her face, and a servant’s heart. She chose joy every day that God had her placed in our lives.”
Statement from the Uebelein family

“Because she was an organ donor, she has been able to bless or save 10 lives because of that final act of giving.”

“We grieve, but we grieve with hope, and that makes all the difference in the world.”

“The songs that we’ve sung today … were all songs that were favorites of Mary Joy’s … I wonder how many times Mary Joy sang [‘It is well’] with us here in chapel, and today we sing it knowing she loved this, and it’s a message for all of us.”
President Bruce McLarty

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