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Historically comprised of The Bison newspaper and Petit Jean yearbook, student publications added a digital production team to their staff in fall 2018. This year, the team branded themselves with their own image and unique content apart from the other publications, spending most of their time on a weekly podcast. Senior public relations major Hannah Wise is the editor-in-chief of the digital production team for the 2019-20 school year and co-host of the podcast. 

“We wanted it to mean something and have that nostalgic Harding feel the same way that it does with Petit Jean and The Bison, but that is hard to do in a medium that is always changing and supposed to be modern and fresh and new. So it took a long time to figure that out,” Wise said.

The digital production team, now known as Shockwave, chose its name because of the modern flair but also the subtle dedication to Dr. Jack Shock, distinguished professor of communication.

The Shockwave Podcast has two hosts, an editor and two producers, and the introductory music before every episode is student produced as well. From the beginning, the only parameters were that it had to be engaging for students. Content thus far has included everything from politics and mental health to club week trivia and spooky stories. 

“We just want it to be something that people feel like they can connect to and relate to and also take away something from it,” Wise said. “So you can be entertained but also learn something new occasionally.”

Although Wise and podcast co-host John David Stewart are both graduating in May, the goal is to set up the platform and team in a way that can be continued by future students on the Student Publications digital production team staff.

Listen to new episodes of The Shockwave Podcast on Spotify and Podbean every Thursday.

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