Coming together as one

In February, President Bruce McLarty announced the University will be returning to one chapel beginning this fall. One chapel assembly is familiar to many alumni as it was the norm from 1979 through 2005. However, in 2005 student numbers required Harding to begin offering two chapels during the fall semester, and eventually, in 2013, both fall and spring semesters.

Due to the size of recent freshman classes, the entire Harding community can now gather together at 9 each morning.

“There will be adjustments that we will all have to make,” said McLarty. “For instance, Chick-fil-A will have to have enough chicken biscuits for the entire student body ready at 9:35. However, this fall, one chapel will become our new normal. For many, it should make scheduling classes easier, and I look forward to the special experience of all being together for chapel.”

The transition to one chapel will give students, faculty and staff an additional hour in their daily schedules for coursework and other activities.

“We live in a place, time and situation where there is always more than we can get done. But we leave the stresses and the assignments, the demands of life, outside the Benson Auditorium, and we have 35 minutes of protected time with God each day. Here we remember who God is, who we are, and what life is all about.”

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