Everyday Student: Aliyah Muhammad

By Katie Clement

Sophomore biochemistry major Aliyah Muhammad wants to bring confidence to others’ smiles.


Aliyah Muhammad, a sophomore from North Little Rock, Arkansas, grew up hearing it was great to be at Harding. “I grew up hearing former youth group members talk about how great Harding was, and I denied the fact that it could be that great. Junior year of high school comes along, and I decided to go to college. My friend wanted to prove to me that Harding was indeed great, so we came on a campus visit, got a tour, and returned home. When I got home, I left a part of my heart. I kept coming back and fell more in love. My friend was right. In fact, so right that she didn’t even come to Harding, but I did.” 


A biochemistry major, Muhammad says the first thing she notices about someone is their smile even if we are seeing fewer smiles these days. “Most people notice eyes when they see someone. I, on the other hand, notice teeth. Some people are self conscious about their smiles, and I want to be the person to change that. I was told that I couldn’t be an oral maxillofacial surgeon, and if it’s God’s will I am going to prove them wrong.”


As a Women for Harding scholar,
Muhammad says she enjoys volunteering and giving back to those who give. She also has been in
Justified, the BSA choir, and a resident assistant for Sears Hall. 


“Harding teaches you real love. Some of your biggest supporters will be some of the people you least expect. You also have late nights and early mornings: they push you to go harder because they know you can. They are here for you to be the best you can be!”       

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  1. Paul Wilkerson

    The Levy Family in North Little Rock is so proud of you Aliyah! You are a great person, in a great place, trust the Lord to work all things for good for you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Aretha Dodson

    I am so proud of you for your decision to attend Harding. Success is in your reach; continue to set goals as you accomplish an end-goal.

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