Fund teaches students stewardship

The College of Business Administration announced in May the establishment of a Student Managed Investment Fund created to offer business students valuable experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. 

“The Student Managed Investment Fund is a significant opportunity for our student members to gain valuable experience in investment analysis and portfolio management,” said Dr. Allen Frazier, dean of the college. “Students will work with a contingent of Harding’s board and COBA’s finance faculty to gain a unique educational experience in financial management and understand how to become faithful stewards of money entrusted to them.”

The fund will be overseen by a student manager team made up of 12 junior and senior COBA students. Under oversight of faculty, student managers will research and analyze stocks to identify prospective changes to the fund. Student managers will meet frequently to address board market movement and expectations, fund and sector performance, and discuss prospective investments. At the end of each month, student managers will provide a written and oral report on performance of their investments and recommend changes to the fund portfolio.

A sum of $500,000 has been designated as an initial fund balance while another $500,000 will be invested simultaneously in an S&P 500 index fund. 

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