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Jan. 26
“You feel like, ‘I just don’t want to be so committed that I make a fool out of myself.’ You don’t really know how much you were forgiven. If we knew how much we were forgiven, you and I would become absolute fools for Christ. Nothing could get in our way to show our appreciation to Jesus Christ.”
Gary Jackson, instructor, College of Bible and Ministry

Jan. 31 
“This morning, I ask you, as we contemplate this question, ‘How do we get wisdom?’ Are you listening to the call of God? Are you listening for God’s truth in your life? Are you listening to God’s call to wisdom in your studies? The potential job you might have? Are you listening to God’s call in your relationships?”
Dr. Michael Crouch (’09), adjunct, College of Business Administration and Harding Online contractor

Feb. 16 
“The world talks to us every day. You turn on the news, and there’s nothing but negativity, nothing but fear. People try to divide us; people produce hate, and they feed it to us 24/7. But as followers of God, we cannot ascribe to that. We’ve got to be different. If we want to change the world, we have to change the way we think.”
Dr. Michael McGalliard, dean, College of Allied Health and associate provost for health sciences

Feb. 21
“The God that stands before you loves Jesus, loves you and wants you to take advantage of every opportunity you have outside these walls and inside these walls. There are people that need ministering here in this room.”
Terry Davis (’93), Bible teacher, Ouachita Christian School, Monroe, Louisiana  

March 30
“Become rooted and established in the love of God that moves beyond knowledge, from your head to your heart. How? In a word: location, location, location. It’s where you plant yourself. You have to plant yourself by the stream — by the living water that is the presence of God. You have to practice absorbing the presence of God. You’re going to have to practice stillness more. You’re going to have to practice what it looks like to listen more.” 
Dr. Monte Cox (’81), dean, College of Bible and Ministry 

April 6 
“I want to spend the rest of my days, however many days God gives me, proclaiming the message of Christ. I want to tell people about all that Jesus is. I believe there are all kinds of fears and problems and crises in the world, but those aren’t the things I’m going to give my life to so much as proclaiming all that Jesus is.”
Dr. Bruce McLarty (’78), fifth Harding president

April 15
“If the message that Christ came to give to all of us is going to be proclaimed to all the world, it’ll have to be done by every individual committed believer. We are the aroma of Christ, and we are ministers of the new covenant.”
President David Burks (’65)

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