Heard in Chapel

Sept. 1
“When opportunity and wisdom meet, you get to experience wonder.”
Dr. Andrew Baker, director, Mitchell Center for Leadership and Ministry 

Sept. 7 
“The biggest challenge I have for you: Don’t follow your passion. We have tried to reverse engineer the process. You try to find your passion first and then apply it to your practice. But really, your calling and your passion stem from what you practice. My question for you to ask yourself: Where can I serve somebody?”
Dr. John Delony, bestselling author and mental health expert 

Sept. 16
“Jesus is the first runner. In other words, in this Legacy Race, the one out front of me, the one setting the pace, is Jesus Christ. I keep my eyes on him. I am being transformed by him. … When I think about what my interaction is with the world, I watch him with people. When I think about what my values should be — about money or about power or about people — my eyes are set ahead. I’m looking ahead to him.” 
Mike Cope (’78), director of ministry outreach, Pepperdine University

Sept. 26
“No matter who you are or what you do, Christ shows up in me when I love you.”
Leonardo Gilbert (’81), minister, Sheldon Heights Church of Christ 

Sept. 27
“God is on a mission to make me nothing, when I’ve been trying my whole life to be something. Becoming nothing is the only way to love your brothers and sisters.” 
Wes Hargon (’18), youth minister, Kingwood Church of Christ

Oct. 20
“The church at its best is the life of the saints and the hope of sinners. It’s a city on a hill, a counter-culture for the good of culture. It’s the healing of the nations, the hope and life of tomorrow, right here, today.” 
Jonathan Storment (’03), preaching minister, Pleasant Valley Church of Christ 

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