The Legacy Relay

Sept. 15, The Legacy Relay began in Morrilton, Arkansas, at Harding’s original campus. Nearly 40 students — led by the cross-country team — ran more than 70 miles to Searcy, just as the founders passed the torch of Christian education on to the next generation. Many students also were positioned at key points along the route to cheer on their classmates. 

As the last runner, freshman Abby White, crossed the finish line at the Harding College arch, the University community gathered to welcome her home. Then, as one, everyone walked the final leg of the relay across campus to Bison Park.

Harding’s story has been shaped by men and women with resolute faith and unwavering tenacity who sacrificed greatly to build a school on the foundation of Jesus Christ. For the last century, each generation has been tasked with taking up the mantle and forging ahead, continuing to serve with compassion and boldness.

Many Spirit-led mentors have shepherded students throughout their experiences in the Harding community. Their sacrifices have brought the University into the present. This is the time for current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and administration to decide how the legacy will continue. 

“It was such an honor to be able to participate in this historic event. It truly symbolizes the journey that Harding has been on as well as the unity displayed by students and faculty on campus every day.” 

— Freshman Abby White, runner of the final leg of the Legacy Relay
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  1. Susan Stone

    I would like to give a big shout-out to our amazing daughter-in-law, Tia Stone, for organizing this wonderful event. She, as well as many other behind-the-scenes groups and individuals, spent hours planning, preparing for, and executing the race. Thanks also to Public Safety, Jeff Montgomery’s photography and video crew, the Cross Country team, and others for all you did to make this great effort a success. We are proud of all of you for what you mean to us and Harding!

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