Our Final Sunday at Namwianga Church of Christ by Haley Roberts

This morning we spent our final Sunday at the Namwianga Church of Christ because the next few we will be visiting Kasibi and Livingstone before coming home. It was sort of a bitter sweet moment and I know that I will definitely miss the church and its people. We did not get to help with Sunday school today because the children were visiting Livingstone Church of Christ. While sitting in church and listening to the preacher I had a peace come over me and a realization of how much we make church a materialistic thing in America compared to here. {Sitting there I received chills as I listened to people sing out to praise and worship God. I realized that they do not care what their church building looks like, what others are wearing, or even what you look like. All they care about is praising and worshiping God. Their praise comes from their heart and they genuinely want to share their love for Christ with others. I do not understand why most (not all) churches in America feel more materialistic than a raw, faithful church. At home, we think we have to look our best, wear our nicest clothes, get their early in order to get the seats in the back so that we can slip out as soon as it is over, etc. In reality God does not care about any of these things. All He cares about is if we are intentional in our relationships with others and have a true faithful relationship with Him. We should just go to church to worship God and spend time with our Christian brothers and sisters. Be true and raw in your faith!}

After church, we were able to go and have high tea and desserts on a tobacco farm. This was a really neat experience and I am thankful that Mrs. Mandy and Mr. Roland welcomed us. They allowed us to explore their gardens, lake, and home after we ate our desserts and drank our tea. They then showed us around their farm and told their story of growing up in Zimbabwe before being forced to leave their farm and move. They chose to move to Zambia in 2003 where they started over and our currently still re-growing their farm. They have about 200 Zambian workers and they have created a village for the workers and their families to live in. They currently have about 800 live in their village.  It was a very relaxing way to spend our afternoon. After the visit with Mandy and Roland we headed back to the mission for supper, a meeting with Jana, journaling, and then bed!

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