Alumni Spotlight- Emily Weston

Alumni Update from Emily Weston who is a graduate from 2018:

“Hi, my name is Emily and I am Harding alumna. My time at Harding gave me the opportunity work closely with the amazing CSD faculty. During my time at Harding, I was a part of the Indigo cohort and graduated with my Masters in 2018. I also had the opportunity to spend my summer clinical practicum in Zambia with some ladies from my cohort and this was a life-changing experience for me. Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary trip to Mexico, where I worked with OTs, SLPs, a school psychologist, and behavioral specialist. We provided recommendations on treating children with Autism, sensory and behavioral challenges, feeding disorders, and the importance of interprofessional collaboration.

Currently I am living in Dallas, TX and working in a private practice setting with children from ages 1 year to 13 years of age. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside other SLPs, SLPAs, COTAs, OTs, and ABA therapists. My caseload consists of a variety of populations (language disorders, Autism, AAC, hearing impairment, fluency disorders, articulation/phonological disorders, and feeding disorders) and kiddos from different backgrounds. However, I’ve really developed a passion for pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. I’ve been the primary feeding therapist at my location for a while and have had the opportunity to attend the Beckman Conference, Melanie Potock’s training on feeding, and am in the process of becoming certified in the SOS treatment approach. I’ve recently begun supervising a graduate student clinician and mentoring other SLPs in this area (yikes!). At the end of August, I’ll step into a role that will allow me to mentor, train, and educate other professionals as well.

I truly believe I would not be the professional I am today without the support, mentorship, and training I received from the CSD faculty. My education at Harding provided me with the foundation I needed to be humble, competent, ethical, team-oriented, and willing to learn. Being a CF is overwhelming enough. However, I had resources, my cohort, and professors/mentors that I knew I could count on to help me.

To grad students and new grads, take advantage of what the Harding CSD program has to offer! Go to your professors with questions and ask for their wisdom. Participate in HIZ-Path and other opportunities. Also, team-projects and presentations don’t end when your graduate program does! Take advantage of the interdisciplinary activities, because it will teach you to value other professions.

Thank you to the CSD faculty and everything you pour into the undergrad and grad programs. I’m so grateful for the mentorship, support, knowledge, and relationships I have gained while at Harding! I would not be where I am today without you!

Special shoutout to the Indigo ladies!! Miss you all!”

Thank you for sharing, Emily!

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