Alumni Spotlight- Kelsey Curtis

Alumni Update from Kelsey Curtis who is a graduate from 2013:

“Hello! My name is Kelsey Curtis. I graduated from Harding University with an undergraduate degree in General Studies in 2010 and again in 2013 with my Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I was part of the Delta cohort.

When I think back to graduate school, I think about how much I learned in such a short time, and then how much I’ve learned in the work force since then. I’m beginning my 8 th year as a clinician and it has absolutely flown by! With the exception of a year working in the public schools, I have worked for a pediatric company based out of Conway (Pediatrics Plus) that has several locations in central Arkansas. I collaborate daily with occupational and physical therapists, preschool teachers, ABA therapists, and families. My facility has both an onsite preschool (birth to pre-K/waiver year), as well as an outpatient facility. I love it because I get to become part of each kid’s family and help guide these children and their families throughout their years in the preschool and while they transition to kindergarten and beyond.

For a time, I was the main speech evaluator in which I met almost every new family coming into the Little Rock facility. There were a lot of opportunities to bond with the children and families, talk through strengths and deficits, and then have those hard discussions about other possible diagnoses and referrals. I think my favorite part of my job is working for and seeing the whole child and whole family. It is almost never “just” a speech/language deficit. A child’s struggles often affect how a child and their family function in the world around us.

I’ve enjoyed the benefits of Harding both as a graduate and as an alumnus working with students and new graduates. Current graduate students, believe me when I say that the work may be tough but you will be more prepared than many new grads entering the field. You will always be learning and developing as a clinician. The past couple of years I have been focusing more on improving my skills in pediatric feeding therapy and in training my kids to use new AAC devices. It’s always an adventure. Sometimes it’s really hard but the small victories and the glimpses of “I get it” that flash on the children’s faces make it all worth it!

In my personal time, I love to be outdoors, travel, and spend time with my niece and nephew. I’ve been to many places inside and outside of the country since graduation and plan to continue my exploration.

My niece and nephew bring me so much joy and continue to give me an example of “typical” development that I need to remember as I continue working with the atypical. Nature keeps me grounded and helps me remember the Creator and the peace that He brings.”

Thank you for sharing, Kelsey!

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