Alumni Spotlight- Olivia Crawford

Alumni Update from Olivia Crawford who is a graduate from 2016:

“Hello everyone!

My name is Olivia Crawford. I completed my master’s at Harding. I was part of the GOLF cohort and graduated in 2016.

After graduating, I began working for a contract company. My primary location during my CFY was a SNF. After earning my CCC, I began working PRN at a regional hospital in Jasper, Georgia, through the same contract company. With the support of my supervisor, I was able to grow the provision of inpatient and outpatient SLP services to support a full-time SLP, and eventually a second SLP (PRN), as well. I remained contracted until April of 2019, at which time I transitioned to a hospital employee.

Over the past year, I have had many opportunities for clinical and leadership growth through participation in system-wide rehab meetings, interdisciplinary collaboration, and advocacy for purchase of a MBS chair following introduction of new TIMS imaging equipment. The COVID-19 pandemic brought an increase in patients with prolonged intubations and complex medical needs that fostered additional clinical growth.

My time at Harding prepared me well for the challenges inherent to growing a speech department. I am thankful for the knowledge of EBP, clinical flexibility, and ethical service provision instilled in me during my education.

For personal reasons, I am moving to Knoxville, Tennessee, and have accepted a position with a private practice starting next month. One of the aspects I love about this profession is the variety of settings and populations we are able to serve. I would encourage all current students to explore as many avenues of practice as possible during your education. Often what you anticipate in terms of setting, responsibilities, location, etc. changes as you enter the job market, and a willingness to be flexible in your expectations can lead to wonderful, unexpected professional and personal fulfillment.”

Thank you for sharing, Olivia!

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