Alumni Spotlight- Sarah Price

Alumni Update from Sarah Price who is a graduate from the Indigo Cohort:

“Hi everyone!! My name is Sarah Price! I attended Harding for my graduate studies and was blessed to be in the Indigo cohort with some wonderful ladies!

Since graduating, I moved back to West Virginia and started my first job in the Home Health setting, serving adults. I was there for about 15 months and truly enjoyed working with my sweet “older friends.” Due to some not so good ethical changes in the company, as well as Medicare changes, I decided to leave.

As many others on here have said, never say “I will never work with ___ population” because you never know where God is going to lead you. I never in a million years thought I would step foot into the peds world, but God had other plans for me! This February, I accepted a position with a WONDERFUL pediatric private practice here in WV. There, I get to serve kiddos birth-18 years in an outpatient setting, and I also have the privilege of providing in-home Birth to Three services to babies, kiddos, and their families! I work with kiddos who have articulation, feeding, language difficulties secondary to Autism, hearing loss, TBIs, CP, etc. I truly love in-home services, because I am able to demonstrate to parents/caregivers how to implement strategies in their very own natural environment, with their own toys, and familiar surroundings and objects. It is awesome! Parent interaction and involvement is beautiful! I will also say getting to make your own schedule is pretty great! I get to spend quality time with my husband and our 1 year old that I wouldn’t have if I had taken another job.

Making this transition right when COVID-19 was picking up here in the U.S. was extremely nerve wracking. Telepractice was a challenge in and of itself. However, my company supported me in every way they possibly could have. It is so, so important to find the right company who truly values you as a person and a clinician, and who wants what is best for our patients. For those of you looking for jobs soon, please don’t just look at money signs and benefits. Those things are important, but I pray you truly seek God’s guidance and wait to find a position/company that is the right fit. Good companies are out there!

I want to thank my professors at Harding who always instilled in us the importance of ethics. They taught me that sometimes we need to just be good listeners, to always be kind, and to stand up for yourself.

To those of you that have been in this for a while, those that are just starting on your own, and those who still have a little longer on your journey…you ARE good enough. Some days will be hard, but we must keep on, keeping on…there are people who need us and we need them!

To my sweet girls in the Indigo cohort..HONK! I miss and love you all so much! I pray you all are happy and well!

To my professors, thank you all! I wouldn’t be where I am without every single one of you.”

Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

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