Clinical Practicum Highlight- Children’s Therapy Team

Olivia Barclay shares about one of her externship experiences:

“Hi, my name is Olivia and I spent my externship at Children’s Therapy Team in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I spent approximately 20 hours a week with a caseload that consisted of children with dyslexia, executive functioning, AAC, Articulation, Pragmatics. My typical day began at 7:30 am where I would prep for upcoming sessions by gathering masteries and briefing with my supervisor. Throughout the day I would work with children on their individual needs. Upon completion of my work day, I would spend my evenings arranging activates and setting future goals for clients. This involves creating materials, data sheets, and other plans for the following day. Clinical Practicum at HU truly prepared my experiences at CTT by exposing me to assessments and early childhood clients. The extensive knowledge from this course helped me compare developmental norms with confidence. It has increased my speed and accuracy in writing evaluation reports and be more creative in general.”

Thank you for sharing, Olivia!

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