Clinical Practicum Highlight- Southeast Rehab Hospital

Kaitlin Hill shares about her Summer 2020 externship experience:

“I was placed at Southeast Rehab Hospital in Lake Village, AR for my first graduate clinical rotation experience. My caseload mainly consisted of patients that were post CVA. However, I did have a few patients that had Parkinson’s and Dementia as well. With my patients, I was able to get lots of experience in feeding/swallowing evaluations, expressive/receptive language evaluations, and cognitive evaluations. Majority of my caseload required cognitive therapy. A typical day for me at Southeast Rehab was filled with various types of brain activities (i.e., word finding, sequencing, medication/money management, etc.) with each patient. I had a few patients that required feeding/swallowing therapy and daily oral motor exercises on top of cognitive therapy. Having learned so much in Dr. Meeker’s neuroscience and dysphagia classes helped me tremendously during this clinical rotation.”

Thank you for sharing, Kaitlin!

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