Clinical Practicum Highlight- Action Therapy Services

Brylee Black shares about her summer 2021 externship experience:

“This summer, I had a great experience with Action Therapy Services in Fort Worth, Texas. I actually had two supervisors and I learned a lot from both of them. I actually worked with this home health company as an SLPA before I attended graduate school and it was cool to see ‘the other side’ within the same company. I was able to see up to 12 kids each day and their caseloads consisted of treating a variety of language, articulation, and AAC. I was able to collaborate with other disciplines such as ABA therapy and OT, as well as collaborate with one of my supervisors SLPA’s and co-administer assessments with the SLPA as a translator. I enjoyed learning other ways to target goals and treating their clients. My days were fairly busy but I enjoyed seeing the progress that has been made in just 6 short weeks.

I would say that what prepared me the most with Harding’s program was clinical practicum. Every night, I would spend about 1-2 hours preparing for the next day so I could debrief with my supervisors not only the goals that I was planning on targeting for the sessions, but how I planned on targeting them. Sometimes the things I had planned didn’t work out the way that I thought that it would but that’s how you learn!”

Thank you for sharing, Brylee!

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