Elective Graduate Course- Medical Aspects of Speech Language Pathology

Sydney Elliott shares about her experience taking the elective Medical Aspects of Speech Language Pathology class:

“The medical SLP class is an elective course that is offered in the summer term. I decided to enroll in the course, and I would recommend it to any student considering a career focusing on medical aspects of speech-language pathology. I also feel that many of the topics discussed in this class are relevant across the SLP scope of practice. My favorite topic that we discussed in this class was related to social determinants of health. There are so many factors that are involved in a person’s overall well-being, and I appreciated the new perspective that I gained. We also worked with the nursing department learning to take vital signs and evaluate chest x-rays. We also split into groups and were able to dive into the literature about topics of our choosing that relate to medical aspects of speech-language pathology. My group researched medication interactions and modifications as they relate to individuals with dysphagia. Overall, I think that this class helped me further study topics that were not addressed in other courses and gain a better understanding of the role of the SLP in healthcare. “

Thank you for sharing, Sydney!

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