Clinical Practicum Highlight- High Hopes

Lauren Gibson shares about her Summer 2021 externship experience:

“I completed my offsite experience this summer at High Hopes Development Center. High Hopes is alongside a preschool and kindergarten that includes both typically developing peers and children with special needs educating alongside each other, maintaining a 40/60 ratio of children with and without diagnosed special needs. Throughout my time at High Hopes I saw a large variety of diagnoses, from kids 3 weeks to 21 years. I spent half of my week doing feeding therapy, with a focus on sensory-based eating approaches and weaning children from feeding tubes. The other half I spent working with AAC devices and expressive/receptive language and articulation. Pediatric feeding with Dr.Traughber prepared me so well to do feeding therapy, my supervisor even told me to tell Dr.Traughber how well of a job she did preparing me for my offsite experience. I was able to follow along really easily because I understood what she was doing and discussing with patients, while also learning so many new things.”

Thank you for sharing, Lauren!

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