Clinical Practicum Highlight- Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute

Maddie Hall shares about her Summer 2021 externship experience:

“This summer I was assigned to the Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute in the outpatient clinic. Our caseload in the outpatient clinic consisted of adults of all ages with a variety of impairments or diagnoses. The cool thing about this placement was that every day was so different! The patient list each day was different so there was always variety in our day. Some days we might only have treatment sessions, while other days we might have evaluations as well. A typical day for me would be arriving to the hospital. We typically saw around 8 patients a day, one each hour. Depending on our caseload that day, we spent our lunch or time after we closed documenting our sessions in the hospital chart system. Before we left, we would plan our sessions for the next day so that we were all prepared and ready to start the next morning over again. I felt prepared going into this placement because my classes set me up with a knowledge and understanding of the brain functions, and what impairments can result from strokes and traumatic brain injuries in specific areas of the brain, as well as neurodegenerative diseases. As we saw new diagnoses in the clinic, I was able to discuss what we could expect to see with my supervisor and felt prepared in what evaluation materials would be appropriate for those patients. I also think clinical experiences as well as interactions and discussions with my supervisors at the HUSC allowed me to feel confident in building rapport with my patients and providing support while they worked through recovery from life-altering situations. I am so incredibly grateful for my 6 weeks at BHRI. Not only did I gain experience in evaluating and treating various speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing impairments, but I also met incredible people who I had the honor of helping through their recovery. I walked away learning something from each of them and I know that those interactions will make me a better clinician in the future!”

Thank you for sharing, Maddie!

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