Clinical Practicum Highlight- Plumley Rehabilitation

Sydney Snider shares about her Summer 2021 externship experience:

“Hey! My name is Sydney Snider and I’m a second-year graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This summer I was at Plumley Rehabilitation within the Henry County Healthcare Center (skilled nursing facility) in Paris, TN. My supervising SLP is also the therapy director, therefore she advocates for all the therapy disciplines (ST, PT, and OT) in the facility. A typical day would consist of meetings with admissions and therapy staff, treatment and evaluation of patients, and documentation. Occasionally, I attended Medicare utilization meetings, care of plan meetings, and wound care meetings. There was no typical patient seen in this facility; Diagnoses included stroke, GI bleeds, COPD, heart complications, Parkinson’s disease, bone fractures, etc. For speech therapy, I got the opportunity to serve patients with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and dysphagia. My classes prepared me for this offsite by teaching me in depth information on diagnoses and furthering my research skills so I could educate myself in areas I lacked. My biggest lessons learned this summer were that I actually really love geriatrics and that team work (interdisciplinary care) actually does make the dream work.”

Thank you for sharing, Sydney!

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