Baby Day Lab- Harding University

Mary Coleman shares about her experience taking part in the Baby Day Lab 2022:

“The first year graduate students had the opportunity to take part in Harding’s Baby Day Lab, where physical therapy (PT) and speech-language pathology (SLP) graduate students work together to evaluate children up to 3 years old. Every speech student was paired with two PT students and assigned to work with one infant or child. It was such a great experience! We were able to apply our knowledge in a real-world setting and to work in an interprofessional group. There are different developmental markers that speech and PT look for during an evaluation, so we worked together to find ways to test multiple things with one activity. For example, stacking blocks can be used to observe physical reflexes as well as various communication attempts.

It was such a great experience! Besides getting a chance to be around adorable babies, being able to apply our knowledge in a real world setting helped connect the dots we’ve been forming in class. The PT students had tips and tricks to share about performing evaluations, and they had different ways of going about them than we might have. It was a great reminder about the importance of interprofessional groups. It was also so rewarding to see our hard-work pay off and to realize how much we’ve already learned!”

Thank you for sharing, Mary!

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