Kudos to the yearbook staff and others

Congratulations to the staff of the 2012 Petit Jean for a job well done. The tradition of excellence continues. Special kudos go to Ashel Parsons and her staff of photographers for capturing the year’s events with some great images.

In previous posts on this blog my colleagues in the Public Relations Office have recounted their experiences on Petit Jean staffs. Unfortunately I can’t share my experiences with the yearbook because my student publications lineage comes from the Bison student newspaper. My only experience with the Petit Jean came in sharing a darkroom with their photographers back in the Dark Ages, a.k.a. the late 60s.

My colleagues often remind me that they were a part of THE Harding student publication. To which I remind them that they produced only one publication, while their Bison counterparts produced a publication almost every week of the school year. The friendly rivalry will continue in the office between alumni of the two publications. I have only myself to blame for my minority status in the office. I hired all of those yearbook folks. You can bet my next employee will have Bison roots.

While I’m talking about the Bison, I would be remiss if I did not also congratulate John Mark Adkison, editor of the 2011-2012 Bison, and his staff for an exceptional job in reporting the news of the campus. He, too, continued the tradition of excellence in Harding student publications.

Whether we have Petit Jean or Bison lineage, we all share in the great experiences of student publications that have been so much a part of the Harding scene for more than eight decades. There is a special bond that we all share — unbelievably long nights meeting deadlines.

David Crouch, director of public relations

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