Club week nostalgia

Delta Gamma Rho's 2008 (my senior year) Petit Jean photo

Working at a university will make you feel old. You’re constantly surrounded by 18 to 20-somethings while you continue to age. The annual college traditions roll by, brand new to them and one year further away from when you took part. For me, this week — club week — is the worst offender.

As I watch these new faces don familiar jerseys, I fondly remember my freshman year, receiving my invitation to join Delta Gamma Rho and the week of fun, stress, sleeplessness and friendship I enjoyed as well as the four years forging bonds with girls that I will cherish for life. My social club was probably the highlight of my Harding experience because of the women I connected with and am still connected to today.

Now that I’m a few years removed, I have to get my social club fix elsewhere. Finding myself nostalgic for the nightly club roll calls — where all the clubs get together in the Ganus Athletic Center to do their club cheers — I’ve taken to performing my Delta Gamma Rho cheers for my most captive audience: my 6-month-old son. Since his favorite song is “Roll the Gospel Chariot,” my former club’s most popular cheer, “the train cheer,” is chock-full of just enough rolling fists and sound effects to put a broad grin on his chubby little face. (Click here to see the cheer for yourself!)

Sitting on the couch, “woo-woo-ing” for my son is a sweet reminder that my club’s song is true, that we are “linked in unity and sisterhood … and we’ll be sisters wherever we may go.”

Happy club week!

Jennifer Hannigan
copy editor/writer

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