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To many, Harding University is a place to call home, or the home in between you might say. Harding is a place where students build new lives in their college chapter and are daily challenged with new things. In 1984 Uplift camp was born and has been a time for kids from 7th to 12th grade to come to Harding for a week to experience this “summer camp on a college campus.” Training for counselors kicked off on Thursday for Uplift. Being a counselor for the first time, it’s going to be a new and exciting experience for me and for everyone. Uplift has many new changes this year, and I am exhilarated to join the team.

Friends have been telling me about Uplift since I first came to Harding as a freshman. Many of them grew up coming to Uplift and marked it as one of the main reasons they chose to come to Harding. Its impact has been heard all the way to the ears of someone who didn’t even know what Uplift was until a few years ago. Yet, I am here.

The theme this year is, “You Are Here.” In our first night of training, the counselors split into groups and walked all around campus to the buildings and areas where activities would be happening throughout the next three weeks. We walked to each building and prayed that these places will be present with God’s spirit and that Satan will be far from it, for Uplift is a harness for big things to happen — spiritually big things. We walked around campus praying in the student center for conversations and connections. We prayed in the Administration Auditorium that our worship would be pure and on fire, and through this moment of prayer, I began to see that my school emanates such a different light — a new light.

There’s no better theme for Uplift than one centered on being you and recognizing that God meets you where you are. Through the many different stages of our faith, God is ready and able to hold you in his hand, and that is why I am here.

Taylor Gleaves, public relations intern


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    Great article, Taylor! What a blessing Uplift has been to so many kids through the years! I’m glad you are a part of it this year, and I know they will be blessed by you.




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