Guest blogger Glenn Dillard: When I was a freshman

Glenn Dillard freshman

Glenn Dillard, freshman year (Petit Jean yearbook)

It’s been 34 years since I started as a freshman at Harding University, but I remember it well. The nervousness of meeting guys in my residence hall, the uncertainty of living full time with an assigned roommate whom I had just met, and the anticipation of all the life-changing experiences I had heard about from current students made each day exciting. It seemed like I was living on adrenalin for the first couple of weeks and then it hit me … I was 21-hours away from my parents and the home where I grew up, and I hadn’t even realized it!

Having attended public schools all my life, it was refreshing to be at a distinctively Christian university where classes would commonly start with a prayer or song — a university where it was obvious that there was something much deeper to grasp than becoming more proficient in my English or communication skills or attempting to understand an historical event. I appreciated then, and still do today, Harding’s intentional mission to combine faith, learning and living into every academic discipline.

As I think back on my Harding days I don’t initially think of the fantastic lectures I had in the College of Business Administration (although I’m sure there were many!). Instead I immediately think of the guys who were in my wedding, and the crazy (yet clean and harmless) things we did in the residence hall at 2 a.m. It’s the people, the friendships and the relationships that I miss the most.

As the new student class arrives and begins their Harding experience, it’s easy to be somewhat envious of what’s in store for them. I only hope and pray that their Harding experience is as positive as mine was. Welcome to the Harding family!

Glenn Dillard, assistant vice president for enrollment management

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