Guest blogger Beckie Weaver: When I was a freshman

Beckie Weaver freshman

Beckie Weaver, freshman year (Petit Jean yearbook)

I arrived on campus in September 1969. I may have been the most excited freshman on campus that year. Being a student at Harding College had been my goal for the last three years, and I came ready to join every club, participate in every mixer or devotional, and meet every other student on campus (and attend class). The idea that the majority of students at this college shared the same faith as me was the most exciting and joyful notion that I could imagine. I came to Harding College expecting to feel like I had felt at church camp, Camp Sunset, all year long. Harding did not disappoint me. It was heaven on earth.

Those first few days, I met friends who I still treasure. From the laughing short, blonde girl from Mississippi to the tall, quiet boy from Little Rock, to the group of sophomore Sub-T members who gave all the freshmen girls a fake name, they are all still part of my world. Harding College gave me what I was looking for; it gave me a string of human pearls of friendship. I will wear that necklace close to my heart forever.

I did attend class and acquire a degree, but the relationships that were established here have been educating me for eternity.

Dr. Beckie Weaver, dean of the College of Allied Health

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  1. Rena McCarty Howard’s avatar

    I am thankful for your continued love of Harding. Your positive influence and obvious love for your alma mater helped this nervous, far-from-home freshman feel like she had found a home away from home. I still feel that way! Thank you Beckie and thank you Harding!


  2. Tammie Hacker’s avatar

    I love it Beckie! You described my feelings also! My best friends are the friends I made at Harding…including you! The teachers were great and I got a wonderful education, but like you say, the relationships are the best! And the opportunities given to grow closer to God were abundant. Thank you, Lord, for Harding!



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