Club Week, take two


New Delta Gamma Rho members line up with potatoes in hand. It’s one of those practices that only makes sense during Club Week.

For many, the arrival of Club Week brings back a flood of memories, from wearing silly outfits to lugging around a meticulously decorated binder, from Silly Olympics to service projects. It’s an exciting, frantic time of getting to know your club brothers and sisters but not getting a lot of sleep. While some leave behind Club Week festivities once they graduate, others choose to relive the experience — this time as sponsors for their former club. For them, seeing the Club Week from another angle gives more meaning to the process.

“As a club sponsor, I am now realizing just how much goes into Club Week,” says Natasha Snider, a sponsor for Delta Gamma Rho women’s social club. “I respect our [club] vice presidents for how much effort and care they put into this week. I also feel like I understand now how the activities for the week truly do bring the club closer.”

Being a sponsor also gives the opportunity to relive their own college days and see their former club grow.

“It is the one time of the year that your whole club gets to spend the entire week together building relationships and getting to know each other better through a variety of avenues,” says Mackenzie Green, also a Delta Gamma Rho sponsor. “I love seeing the new girls coming in and getting a peek into what the future holds. I love seeing them work together and seeing who the leaders are. I also love watching them fully embrace the club colors and learn all the traditions, history, songs and cheers that I know and love!”

While the sponsor side of Club Week probably means a little more sleep and a little less shouting at all-club devo, the bonds built and memories made are just as meaningful the second time around.

“One of my favorite things about this week is knowing how much joining a club means to all of our new girls and how much these girls already are loved and wanted by our club members,” says Snider. “Our girls are showing me what the love of Christ is all about.”

Jennifer Hannigan, copy editor/writer

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  1. A. Jones’s avatar

    Does it ever occur to anyone that while these girls feel “loved and wanted” that there are girls back in their dorm feeling unloved and unwanted? Is that what the love of Christ is all about?



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