Where in the world: Jantzen Teague

I think it’s safe to say that most students have a Harding experience that includes spending spring afternoons on the front lawn, building relationships with new friends at the start of a school year, and cheering on the Bisons at various athletics events. And many students experience Harding for a semester in another country.

This summer, we’ll be sharing Q&A-style profiles on a few students as they experience the opportunity Harding provides in unique cultures and extraordinary sites at the University’s international programs in Florence, Italy, and Athens, Greece.

Name: Janzen Teague
Classification: Junior
Hometown: North Little Rock, Arkansas
Studying at: HUF

HU: What is your current location?
JT: Scandicci. We’re 30-45 minutes from Florence staying in a beautiful villa in the Italian countryside.

HU: What has been the most interesting thing that has happened on your journey so far?
JT: We haven’t been here long, so I’m sure there are many interesting things to come, but some of us almost got cut off by some train doors in the Atlanta airport to start the trip off with some excitement!

HU: How many pictures do you think you’ve taken as of now?
JT: Close to 100

HU: Do you have a favorite?
JT: My favorite is the first picture I took from the terrace of the villa right after we got here on Thursday night.


HU: What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten?
JT: The Italian diet is pretty straightforward; lots of pasta, a meat dish, vegetables, fruits, and bread — and coffee with every meal.

HU: What are you most looking forward to during the semester?
JT: If I’m being honest, I’m most looking forward to a nice Southern Italian beach! In a couple of weeks, we get to go stay in a castle, and I am pretty ecstatic for that as well!

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  1. Pat Teague’s avatar

    Great beginning of a great learning adventure. Soak it up, dear!



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