Where in the world: Thomas Hesson

Name: Thomas Hesson
Classification: Junior
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Studying at: HUG

HU: What is your current location?
TH: Porto Rafti. It’s about 45 minutes outside of Athens.

HU: What has been the most interesting thing that has happened on your journey so far?
TH: Going into Athens and seeing the Parthenon. I was completely taken aback at the sight of it.

HU: How many photos do you think you’ve taken as of now?
TH: I’ve taken more than 1,000 photos.

HU: Do you have a favorite?
TH: My favorite photo is this one because it’s the view from Porto Rafti, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


HU: What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten so far?
TH: The strangest thing we have eaten so far is definitely squid, but it was also one of my favorite things!

HU: What are you most looking forward to during the semester?
TH: It’s really hard to decide what I’m looking forward to this summer. But if I had to pick one it would definitely be our trip to Israel! I’m so excited to actually see where Jesus walked and shared the gospel.

Stay tuned for more profiles on students as they experience the opportunity Harding provides in unique cultures and extraordinary sites at the University’s international programs.

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