Uplift 2015

Uplift 2014 (Photo courtesy Uplift Media Team.)

Uplift 2014 (Photo courtesy Uplift Media Team.)

Hundreds of teenagers from across the country will be on campus this summer Uplift 2015, “Send Me.” Open to high school students in 7th-12th grades, this summer camp provides unique opportunities for youth groups and individual students to build and strengthen relationships through Bible classes throughout the day, recreational and entertaining activities, and group worship times.

When I was in middle school, my youth minister announced to the youth group that we were going to start going to Uplift. None of us had been before or knew what to expect, so the group that went the first year was small and mostly consisted of teens my age. The theme was “The Call” based on the story of Jonah. It was my first experience on the HU campus, and it was an unforgettable one.

I grew in my relationship with God and with my youth group during that week. I learned more about God’s purpose for my life and what actions I should take to glorify him in my daily walk. But the most unique thing that happened during that week was that I challenged myself to talk openly about what I was learning and how I was feeling with the rest of the group.

I remember one particular night when we were all sitting in a stairwell in the Pryor-England science building after an evening session. My youth minister was talking to all of us about his thoughts from the session, and everyone ended up taking a few minutes to share honest feelings and thoughts about struggles. We learned from each other, and our group was strengthened by our time in that stairwell. After four years as a student and almost four years as an employee, I still always think of that moment when I find myself in that stairwell.

Three sessions of Uplift will be held this summer: June 13-18, June 20-25 and June 27-July 2. You can see a schedule of the week here.

Harding played a role in my spiritual development before I even knew I was going to be a student here. And now, years later, I’m sitting here smiling because I know firsthand that starting tomorrow, Uplift campers will get to experience some of those same feelings I had.

Hannah Owens, director of news services

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    Uplift is where I was baptized



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