Summer at Harding

Photo by Ashel Parsons

Photo by Ashel Parson

Harding provides opportunities for students to continue learning throughout the summer through intersession, online, and on ground courses. Jackson Petty, a senior chemistry major from Tullahoma, Tennessee, took advantage of that opportunity this summer.

“I got to know the teachers really fast because I was in class for four and a half hours every day with them.”

Petty, the 27th member of his family to attend Harding, says the University is like his second home. He took microbiology with Dr. Steve Moore during the first summer session and says he enjoyed it.

“It was definitely a transition from seeing a teacher one hour, three times a week,” he said. “But I tell all my friends that summers at Harding are enjoyable because the classes are condensed, there is only one class to focus on, and you’re more on your own.”

With a major in chemistry and a focus in predentistry, Petty plans on attending dental school following his graduation next May.

“My whole family is in the dental field except my brother — the black sheep,” Petty jokes. “I want to work with an established dental practice before thinking about taking over my dad’s practice.”

While Petty appreciates the routine that summer courses provide, he misses his friends who are at Harding during the school year. He also mentions it is a lot quieter on campus.

“There is not much variety to my schedule in the summer, so I’m glad I have graduated friends who live in Searcy,” Petty said. “I play volleyball and bike a lot more for entertainment.

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