Arkansas Society of Printmakers summertime show

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The Steven’s Art Gallery is currently hosting the Arkansas Society of Printmakers’ summertime show. The exhibit focuses on artists all over the state whose talents lie in printmaking and it runs from July 9–Aug. 21. The reception will be held on July 30 from 6-8 p.m.

Dr. Daniel Adams, chair of the department of art and design, is a member of the Arkansas Society of Printmakers and has contributed several pieces to the art show.

“My terminal degree is in printmaking. I create prints constantly,” Adams said. “I typically create 12-20 different print images every year.”

One set by Adams called Glass Blocks is made up of seven pieces in color reduction relief all from the same point of inspiration.

“We have a glass block window in our house, and I love the light and color patterns that come through at different times of day and during different seasons,” he said. “A color reduction relief print is where you draw an image on a block of wood and cut away non-image areas before inking and printing.”

Adams regularly exhibits his prints with the other artists. Neal Harrington, who was recently included in the 57th Annual Delta Exhibition in the Arkansas Arts Center, is one of those artists.

Harrington has two pieces displayed called “On the Back of the Ancestors.”

“Neal is originally from South Dakota, and those two pieces are related to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monuments there in South Dakota,” Adams said.

Director of Photo Services

Most of the prints are color reduction reliefs and lithographs. All are traditionally produced by hand with no computer/digital printing involved.

“A lithograph is a print that is based on drawing on a limestone rock, inking it up and transferring the image to paper by running it through a litho press,” Adams said.

Erin Hanson, public relations intern

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