How to kick your phone photos up a notch

If I was shooting an event and could only have one photo app on my iPhone, I would definitely choose the free Google app called Snapseed. Here are a few tips on how to edit photos on your phone to make them look great.

IMG_87871. Get closer to your subject. When it comes to taking a photo, don’t just zoom in close — get physically close with your phone. I mean walk yourself over closer to your subject. Taking more than one photo is also a good idea in case one is blurry, someone blinks, or another minor photo mishap occurs. Also, it is never a bad idea to make sure you don’t have a smudge or fingerprint on your camera lens, which is not hard to do on a phone.

2. Import the photo into Snapseed. Phone photos these days are really good, but it is amazing how a little touch up with an app can make a decent photo outstanding. Snapseed breaks the editing process down into two basic areas called “tools” and “filters.”


3. Give the photo some structure. I always start with the detail tab in tools and give my photos a little increase in structure, which is a cross between adding contrast and sharpness to the photo.

4. Tune the image. My next step is always to use the “Tune Image” tool  in the top left corner, and I make any needed exposure, contrast, and saturation adjustments that I need. After this step, I am usually done with the photo.

You can also select a filter where you can apply artistic effects such as making your photos look more like art or just simply turning them black and white. For the sunset below, I used the drama filter and also added a little extra saturation to make the colors pop.





Jeff Montgomery/photographer




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