How to find the most beautiful fall foliage

Waterside Drive in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Waterside Drive in North Little Rock, Arkansas

I don’t know about the weather where you are, but here in Searcy, temperatures are getting cooler, and there are tiny traces of bright color in the trees. Here are a few ideas to get the most picturesque enjoyment out of my favorite season of the year.

1. Use tracking maps.
Locations all over the country have resources online for you to track how autumn colors are moving across the country. Just this week, National Geographic posted a photo on Instagram of a little country farm road in Vermont, and everything in the photo was orange. breaks down foliage reports by region and updates their site every Monday and Thursday starting in September. Another online source has a really neat interactive map of the Northeastern region of the country, and it shows you how colors are moving through the area on specific dates.

2. Visit Arkansas.
If you’ve been here, you know that some of the most beautiful autumn spots are right here in Arkansas. My favorite spot no matter the season is on Waterside Drive in North Little Rock. It’s a little neighborhood right across from a lake with tall trees hanging over the road. In the fall, the trees alongside the outer bank turn bright red and orange and reflect magically off of the water. The Old Mill, an historic site in North Little Rock, is right around the corner and also a very beautiful spot to see fall colors.

You can also track how fall colors are moving through the state of Arkansas by visiting the Arkansas Parks and Tourism foliage tracking Web page here. I look at it every Thursday so I don’t miss peek times at my favorite spots.

3. Come home for Homecoming.
The end of October should be a beautiful time to see fall foliage on campus. Homecoming is Oct. 22-25, and the front lawn should be bright with autumn color. If you can’t make it to campus, search for #FallAtHarding on Twitter and Instagram, and see the photos students, faculty and staff are posting of the changing campus.

Hannah Owens, director of news services



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