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Ben Treme, assistant director of admissions, works with students in Central Arkansas and Western and Southern Texas who are interested in attending Harding.

“Our campus is beautiful, but I think the community makes it a lot more beautiful,” Treme said. “Harding is just a very relational place, and I think people say that a lot, but once you’re here, you really experience that firsthand.”

During the summer, Treme’s role in admissions takes a bit of a different role — a role that finds him spending more time in the state and simply relaxing.

“I try to do a lot of retention in the summer,” Treme said. “With students who are accepted to come in the fall, I’ll try to visit with them face-to-face during the summer — not so much travel to recruit, but travel to keep.”

For Treme, an incredible product of the admissions process is the relationships and connections it fosters — relationships and connections that last throughout students’ entire time at Harding.

“The relationships that you get to continue are something really special,” he said. “Last year was my first class — fall 2015. A lot of those students still come to my house for Bible study every Wednesday night, so that progression of the relationship is really special.”

When he’s not making connections with students during the summer or helping students find their way around campus at Summer Stampede, Treme enjoys taking advantage of the time off.

“[My wife] and I are both very content with just driving and spending a day at the lake,” he said. “We could get there and do nothing and be happy that we’re there. We love peace and calm. I think part of that is because I travel a lot during the fall and spring, so during the summer I really enjoy relaxing.”

To his incoming freshmen, Treme gives survival tips based on his experience as a freshman at Harding, like don’t sit in your dorm room and spend your days on a PlayStation.

“Get out of your dorm room, meet people and get plugged in,” he said. “There are so many things for you to get involved in and so many people for you to meet; you just need get out there and do it.”

Kaleb Turner, public relations intern


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