Help for Louisiana

Watching the waters rise as the rains continued to fall, I thought about all of the Harding students we have from South Louisiana. I know that such an historic flood will affect their families and create concern and confusion for the coming weeks and months.

I spoke to one student, and she told me that their family was affected and that “it’s pretty bad.” One of my coworkers has family and friends whose homes were completely flooded. A minister friend of mine in Baton Rouge said that the flood “created problems for so many of our members.” Another friend in Alabama told me that their church was going to raise funds and send supplies down.

We have all seen pictures on the news and Facebook of the disaster relief efforts, and I’m so thankful that God is directing so many people and supplies to help out. My prayer, and I’m sure yours, too, is that God will work through this and that those affected will find the help and relief they need. One way to help is to contact the South Baton Rouge Church of Christ. They are coordinating an effort to help as many as possible in their area and can be reached at 225-927-4673 or through their website

Morris Seawel, senior advancement officer


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