Hometown throwdown


Two weeks ago, the Waldron Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business officially opened with a dedication ceremony Sept. 9. The center offers services to students and alumni who own small businesses and family businesses, and as someone who owns a small side business, I think the center is a great idea.

The center provides resources for students to focus on entrepreneurial academics and competitions as well as development of new business ideas. The space, which was recently renovated to accommodate those activities, includes worktables perfect for collaboration and a large, bright conference room.

Currently, the center is in the information-gathering phase, and they are seeking feedback from family owned businesses about issues that would be helpful to learn about and help achieve goals. This week, the center is promoting “hometown throwdown,” and they are asking the Harding community to submit names of businesses owned by University alumni for a chance to win prizes. The Waldron Center wants to write about alumni-owned businesses and feature success stories, but they need ideas.

The center provides students and alumni who have family businesses with a community of people to talk to and discuss business ideas. This network of conversation can really benefit business people with similar experiences and levels of operation and connect them with useful resources. Starting a business is hard work, and there are a number of steps to figure out. The Waldron Center is a place for idea generation and creation, and the staff can help guide you through the trenches of details and development. It’s a great addition to the Paul R. Carter College of Business Administration, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Hannah Owens, director of digital media


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