Thankful for chapel


Chapel is a daily event for students and faculty to gather together to worship God and build community. Senior Mason Clemens said he is thankful for chapel and its influence in his life.

“Whenever someone is on stage and says a prayer or message, even if not all of them connect with me every single day, there are definitely those days where it touches you,” Clemens said. “The message hits you right in the heart, and you are just thankful for that moment when God uses that moment to comfort you and talk to you.”

Clemens said chapel promotes camaraderie while giving time for him to worship with friends and spend time in conversation.

“One of the best parts about chapel is picking a chapel seat next to your best friends,” Clemens said. “I would say hanging with your friends both before and after chapel is one of the best things. It’s definitely part of our central theme, the community of mission, and it embodies that.”

-Savanna Distefano, intern



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