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Photo by Abby Tran

Photo by Abby Tran

When you’re a child, your heroes are bright, flashy and strong. They wear the coolest outfits, have the most awesome powers and save the world one problem at a time. My 3-year-old son, Preston, is obsessed with superheroes, so it was only fitting that we went to the Women for Harding’s Princess and Superhero Party this past Saturday.

Dressed as Buzz Lightyear, Preston got to meet all of his favorite superheroes — Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Mr. Incredible.

There were crafts, games and snacks. Preston made his own Captain America shield, lifted weights with Mr. Incredible, and honed his spidey senses with Spiderman. He was thrilled to get to be on campus because Harding is the epitome of cool in his eyes.

I found myself focused on a different set of heroes, though. First, there were the Women for Harding who had prepped and planned the entire event. There were goodie bags to be filled, crafts to be cut, games to be organized, decorations to be hung and food to be made — not to mention cleaning it all up afterward. Looking at all the hard work that went into the day, I felt like it would be easier to leap a tall building or run faster than a speeding bullet. But these women did it all without any super powers.

Secondly, there were the princesses and superheroes themselves, whose alter egos are Women for Harding scholarship recipients. They spent their Saturday signing autograph books, posing for pictures, and making each child feel like royalty. All of the proceeds from the event went to fund more scholarships so incredible students like these can pursue a Christian education.

Judging by how readily Preston took a nap when we got home and how many times he asked if we were going to see Captain America at Harding again, I’d say the day was a success to him. And seeing the smiles on everyone else’s faces, I think that was true for the event as a whole.

Jennifer Hannigan, copy editor/writer


Today is the final day of classes before Thanksgiving, and students will be heading out in droves.

When classes resume Nov. 28, the University will officially begin the holiday season at 6 p.m. with the annual lighting ceremony on the front lawn.

President Burks will lead the crowd in a countdown at the end of which more than 100,000 LED lights will illuminate the campus.

I love Christmas on campus. The students do, too. The physical resources department has been hanging the lights since October, and the campus also is adorned with wreaths, garlands and bows. It’s an elegant display that is guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood.

Another festive Harding tradition is the 29th annual Tour of Homes sponsored by Associated Women for Harding Dec. 4. For only $20, you can get decorating ideas from six beautiful homes in Searcy.

The lights stay on until the new year. For other holiday events on campus, visit Come enjoy the holidays at Harding.

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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Ann Wright labels a rhizome for the iris sale.

The White County Iris Society will be dividing the irises in the History House beds this week and selling the rhizomes as a fundraiser for Associated Women for Harding. Hundreds of dollars for scholarships will be raised. The price is only $5 per rhizome — less than you can find in any catalog and for a great cause!

To order, email Alice Jewell at  First come, first served.

History House irises*

Avalon Sunset—orange                                      Babbling Brook—Dykes Medalists in this column
Busy Being Blue                                                   Before the Storm—black
Cherry Lane—pink                                              Beverly Sills—pink
Classic Look—blue plicata                                 Celebration Song—pastel yellow and pink
Diabolique—deep purple                                   Conjuration—purple and white with horns
Dreaming of Rio—white and red                      Crowned Heads—blue and white
Forgiven—white and pink                                  Dusky Challenger—deep purple
Morning Run—yellow                                         Edith Wolford—yellow and blue
Night Ruler—black                                              Everything Plus—light blue standard, white fall, purple rim
Skipalong—rose, streaked fall                           Honkytonk Blues
Spectral Challenge—yellow                                Jesse’s Song—purple plicata
Sterling Mistress–silver                                     Mystique—two tone blue
Ticket to Ride—pink and lavender                   Silverado—silver
Twice Thrilling—pink with horns                     Stairway to Heaven—pastel yellow and blue
World Premier—blue and white                       Starwoman—purple plicata , intermediate
Titan’s Glory—deep purple                                Victoria Falls—blue

*Pictures of the irises may be found by Googling the name with the word iris following it.

Jeff Montgomery,photographer

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