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A rendering of the new Office of Student Publications space. (Scott Ulliman, Columbus, Ohio, motion graphics animator.)

This summer, many changes are happening on campus. One big renovation is in the Reynolds Building where the former communication sciences and disorders speech clinic is being remodeled to become the new Office of Student Publications.

I joined the Student Publications staff in spring 2014, and I got to tour the new space last week. Though the office is unfinished, I quickly began picturing the finished product and the creations that would take place here. With every nail, loose tile or wire hanging from the ceiling, I saw a bustling room and familiar faces of friends —all with common deadlines and a shared understanding of exhaustion mixed with late night Chinese takeout to push us through. In place of paint splattered on the ground, I saw the quaint, new offices for editors and a wide, open work space for staff members. I could see the long hours, creativity, commitment and laughter that will fill these walls.


A shared, open work space for the newspaper and yearbook staffs. (Scott Ulliman)


An editor’s office. (Scott Ulliman)


A new photography and graphic arts studio. (Scott Ulliman)

A photography and graphic arts studio in the new space will provide student photographers and multimedia editors with space to spread out and expand their creative capabilities. The staffs of the Petit Jean yearbook and Bison newspaper will be working alongside each other for the first time in a shared space.

Among these advancements, students can expect to have a new and improved work experience and environment with a coffee station, seating area, and technology updates such as large monitors, projectors and computers.


A reception and seating area. (Scott Ulliman)

Additional updates are also underway in the department of communication side of the Reynolds and include a classroom renovation and a new paint color in the hallways. Photo displays showcasing TV16 news station as well as student awards, photography and artwork will also be a feature of this hallway.

The new Student Publications office and other department renovations should be completed by fall 2014. I can’t wait to be a part of the first group of students to learn, grow and communicate in this new space.

Taylor Gleaves, public relations intern

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A large bison woodcarving named “Glory” by its creator now greets visitors to the lobby of Benson Auditorium.

The 10-foot tall sculpture weighing almost 5,000 pounds was presented in today’s special chapel program honoring the presidency of Dr. David B. Burks. It is the work of artist Tim Hogan and was donated to Harding by the Paul R. Carter family in honor of President Burks.

The program began with a devotional led by Student Association President Will Waldron and Burks’ three grandsons, all students at Harding Academy. His 17-year old grandson, Carter Burks, gave a talk using Dr. Burks’ favorite verses on the aroma of Christ, concluding with, “I think he is a wonderful example of the aroma of Christ, and I am proud to call him my Grandpa.”

Provost Larry Long presented a slide show highlighting Burks’ 26-year presidency. Long said even in the early years when he was an English professor and Burks was in the College of Business Administration, Burks was always intentional thinking about how to better the University.

He revealed that Burks has guided 275 million of capital projects during his tenure as president. The faculty has doubled as has the number of colleges, and the student body has increased from 2,823 in 1987 to more than 6,800 in 2012.

Long also shared Burks’ leadership in higher education. Calling him a Christian leader, he said, “Burks has found the right thing, and he has done it.”

Following the presentation of the statue, chapel concluded with a treat — Burks’ favorite dessert, gelato.

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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Congratulations to the staff of the 2012 Petit Jean for a job well done. The tradition of excellence continues. Special kudos go to Ashel Parsons and her staff of photographers for capturing the year’s events with some great images.

In previous posts on this blog my colleagues in the Public Relations Office have recounted their experiences on Petit Jean staffs. Unfortunately I can’t share my experiences with the yearbook because my student publications lineage comes from the Bison student newspaper. My only experience with the Petit Jean came in sharing a darkroom with their photographers back in the Dark Ages, a.k.a. the late 60s.

My colleagues often remind me that they were a part of THE Harding student publication. To which I remind them that they produced only one publication, while their Bison counterparts produced a publication almost every week of the school year. The friendly rivalry will continue in the office between alumni of the two publications. I have only myself to blame for my minority status in the office. I hired all of those yearbook folks. You can bet my next employee will have Bison roots.

While I’m talking about the Bison, I would be remiss if I did not also congratulate John Mark Adkison, editor of the 2011-2012 Bison, and his staff for an exceptional job in reporting the news of the campus. He, too, continued the tradition of excellence in Harding student publications.

Whether we have Petit Jean or Bison lineage, we all share in the great experiences of student publications that have been so much a part of the Harding scene for more than eight decades. There is a special bond that we all share — unbelievably long nights meeting deadlines.

David Crouch, director of public relations

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