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Books.08-03-2016-7972Editor’s note: we are rerunning this post from last year because it can help you save on back to school.

I don’t consider myself an expert at much, but if there is one thing I like to do and am fairly good at, it is finding a good deal. I like it best when it is for items I or my family must have.

So it makes me glad to let you know you can save the 9.5 percent tax on textbooks, Harding apparel and school supplies at Harding University Bookstore Saturday.

You see, Aug. 6 is a tax-free holiday for the state of Arkansas, and the bookstore will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Come by and take advantage of tax-free prices on items you or your student will need to purchase in just a couple weeks.

Do you live too far away or can’t come by to shop? Place your order online today through Sunday, and the bookstore will give you the tax-free rate and hold your books until you return.

It’s always good to save but even better when it reduces your school bill for the fall.

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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Students stop by the bookstore after chapel to make valentines for Arkansas Children's Hospital patients.

Students stop by the bookstore after chapel to make valentines for Arkansas Children’s Hospital patients.

If you were to ask many of the students on campus what their thoughts on Valentine’s Day were, you’d probably get a grunt and a sigh or hear how it’s really “Singles Awareness Day” or a big scheme from the card, chocolate and flower corporations. But to any child, Valentine’s Day is a little more magical than that.

In elementary school, I remember cracking open the lid of the shoe box I’d covered in construction paper, stickers and heart-shaped doilies and peering into the flurry of pink and red pieces of paper nestled inside. Buzzed on pink frosting and chocolate Kisses, I’d sift through them one-by-one, reading the Valentine’s puns with its accompanying cartoon character. (The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle card would read “You have a pizza my heart!” and the Aladdin one would say “Your wish is my command, Valentine!”)

Those little cards brightened my day, and this year the bookstore gave students the opportunity to brighten another group of children’s day — those who are currently patients at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

“The idea of providing free supplies to make valentine cards is one which has been developing since Valentine’s Day last year,” said bookstore manager David Hall. “When I began discussing the event this year with [sales and merchandise coordinator] Nicki Glover and some of our student workers, they came up with the idea of adding a mission element to the activity. Nicki contacted Arkansas Children’s Hospital and discovered the need was there.”

A long row of tables with supplies was placed in the middle of the bookstore and students, faculty and staff were encouraged to make a valentine that would be delivered to one of ACH’s patients. After chapel, before lunch or between classes, anyone could create and assemble a card that would soon find its way into the hands of a child.

Surveying the supplies at our disposal, two of my co-workers and I created our own cards and dropped them into the box that would be delivered to the hospital. Hopefully the stacks of cards delivered to the young patients will remind them that a campus full of people an hour away are wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day.

Jennifer Hannigan, copy editor/writer

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