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I love the Carpenters. They were the first album I ever purchased. Seeing them in concert in the Ganus Athletic Center as a student was a thrill for me.

At the Christmas season, I particularly love their music. One of my favorites that doesn’t get much play is “He Came Here for Me.”

Born in a stable He came here for me
Born of a virgin He came here for me
God’s only son come to set the world free,
Born of God’s love and He came here for me.
Savior, of the world I praise thee
Jesus, Lamb of God, I pray to thee hear me
As I praise thy birth bend down thy ear and hear my prayer
Over a stable a star shone so bright,
Guiding three wise men who rode through the night
He was called baby Jesus, He came here for me,
Born to this world, then He died here for me.

The last line pretty well tells the story, a story of a God who loves us so much he sent his son to die for us. What amazing love!

May the love of God, family and friends fill your hearts this holiday season. Merry Christmas from the staff of Harding magazine.

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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