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Summer has officially arrived and with it, an emptier campus, at least for the moment. School may be out for most, but campus doesn’t completely shut down in the summertime.

Intersession classes started May 11 and go until May 22. From the list of 58 classes being offered, 606 students are spending the next two weeks learning as much as they can in a variety of subjects from meteorology to medieval art. Class offerings are available to students in psychology, science, math, history, English, sociology, art and communication. Summer classes also start May 11 and go until July 31, and many students are choosing to stay and study in Searcy for the summer.

Harding also hosts a number of programs on campus throughout the summer, including Arkansas Special Olympics summer games May 21-23, and the 72nd session of Arkansas Girl’s State, a program created by the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arkansas to allow high school juniors to participate in hands-on citizenship training, which begins May 31. This year marks the 22nd consecutive year Special Olympics has been held on the University campus. It’s an event to which the whole community looks forward.

Also on the calendar is three sessions of Uplift, four sessions of Honors Symposium and one of Honors Media and Culture, two Summer Stampede programs, three shows in the department of theatre’s Searcy Summer Dinner Theatre, and the 59th annual National Leadership Forum. For details, visit www.harding.edu/calendar. Stay tuned for our favorite stories and photos covering all the excitement in store at Harding this summer.

Hannah Beall Owens, director of news services

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It is unusually quiet on campus right now. For the first time in years, there is a two-week break between Intersession and Summer I so few students are to be found.

Parking lots are so empty that there is time for the parking and transportation office to repaint the worn lines marking the spaces. The Student Center downstairs looks like a ghost town. But go upstairs and it is a different matter as the new Center for Student Excellence nears completion.

It is not the only construction going on as the new complex on the west side of campus, Legacy Park, is starting to reveal just how beautiful an addition to campus it will be upon completion in August. Meanwhile, new apartments being added to the Village are going up on the east side. And in the center between the two, Allen Hall is getting a facelift.  For Physical Resources, summer is anything but their slow time.

The lack of students on campus won’t last long. Alongside summer sessions, the campus bustles with activity all summer long. Arkansas Special Olympics starts Thursday followed by Girls State on Sunday. There will be sports camps, Searcy Summer Dinner Theatre performances, four sessions of Honors Symposium, three Uplift sessions, National Leadership Forum, Honor Choir, Pharmacy Camp and more!

Want to learn more? Go to www.harding.edu/calendar for a complete list of activities.

In the few days remaining, I’ll enjoy not hunting for a parking space!

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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I saw on Facebook today that the Honors Symposium art show was up in the Stevens Art Gallery. This afternoon while checking out the posters, I ran into my friend Stacey Schoen who is teaching iPhone photography to the Symposium students. I wish I could take her class. The show will be up for the next couple of weeks and, if you get by campus, you should take a minute and stop by and see the posters and the iPhone photos. These symposium students are talented.

Jeff Montgomery, photographer

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