Midnight Madness

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Midnight Madness last evening was everything it was hyped to be — and more!

Yes, the band was awesome, the cheerleaders had an amazing routine, the games were hilarious, and the women’s and men’s basketball teams put on quite a show after being introduced to a raucous Rowdies crowd at the Rhodes.

Topping it off, however, was junior David Brooker’s half-court shot at the end to win half tuition and a pizza. To say the crowd went wild is putting it mildly.

David Brooker's shot is up ...

David Brooker’s shot is up …

... and in!

… and in!

Basketball player Jacob Gibson’s tweet summed it up: “Thanks to EVERY GOLD-BLOODED BISON that came to Midnight Madness. Y’all are the best in D2. Nov. 14 first game. Let’s get rowdyyy!!!”

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer