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06-29-2016-4173While most students are taking advantage of the summer months by spending their beloved vacation on sandy beaches or in the crisp forests of national parks, you can still find Harding staff busy at work around campus, eagerly awaiting students’ return in late August. You can still pick up packages at the post office, buy an Asiago bagel at Einstein’s, and check out books at Brackett Library.

And you can find Executive Vice President David Collins working hard to make Harding a better place when classes begin in the fall.

“Nothing compares to the school year,” Collins said. “That’s when our whole purpose is here. If you think about it, our purpose is missing. But during the summer we’re reflecting on our purpose, and we’re looking forward to the new year.”

Collins’ role on campus is multi-faceted. His duties include assisting President Bruce McLarty in the daily operations of the university and providing leadership over six university divisions — the Center for Student Success, counseling center, health services, international programs, public safety and student life. His role is an important one, and it’s one that doesn’t take a break.

“Any summer for us is definitely a different pace, but there’s just as much work to be done,” Collins said. “We’re able to do a little more reflecting and thinking about how we did this past year and then begin thinking strategically about the next year.”

Assessment, adjustment and planning tops the summer to-do list for Collins and those with whom he works alongside. Whether it is policy assessment or reviewing senior exit surveys, Collins said summertime is all about taking to heart students’ concerns and then applying them to make the upcoming school year the best it can be.

“Like everybody, we look forward to the break and the change of pace, but about halfway through the summer, we all start getting anxious and energetic about the school year starting,” Collins said. “All the momentum is building — making sure the residence halls are ready and making sure everything is in place for the students to arrive.”

When he’s not in his office or on campus working during the summer, you can find Collins fishing for rainbow trout on the cool currents of the Little Red River or spending some cherished time with his family. Collins’ summertime message to the student body is simple — the staff is in constant prayer and steadfast preparation for students and their return.

“We’re working diligently to make this next year at Harding the very best its ever been,” Collins said. “We want them to forget about us for a little bit and take a break, but at the same time, we want the students to know we’re not taking a break from them. We’re here for them.”

Kaleb Turner, public relations intern


Name: Carlie Tacker
Classification: Junior
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Searcy, AR
Studying at: Art and Design International — Italy, Spain, France, and England

HU: What is your current location?
CT: London, England

HU: What has been the most interesting thing that has happened on your journey so far?
CT: I saw a bullfight in Madrid.

HU: How many pictures do you think you’ve taken as of now?
CT: I’ve filled two memory cards & took up most of the storage on my phone.

HU: What is your favorite photo you’ve taken so far?carlietacker1

CT: It’s from my phone because I haven’t uploaded or edited any off of my camera… It is looking into the courtyard of the Lourve in Paris right before sunset. I love the sun flare. The lighting makes it look almost magical.

HU: What is the most delicious thing you’ve eaten so far?
CT: I love tiramisu!

HU: What has this experience studying abroad taught you?
CT: I’ve learned to go with the flow. That’s been a little hard for me because I like to be in control. In a different country, it’s difficult. I find myself not knowing what’s happening or what’s coming next, but I’ve ended up having the most fun when I’m willing to just sit back and let things happen.

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Director of Photo Services

The Steven’s Art Gallery is currently hosting the Arkansas Society of Printmakers’ summertime show. The exhibit focuses on artists all over the state whose talents lie in printmaking and it runs from July 9–Aug. 21. The reception will be held on July 30 from 6-8 p.m.

Dr. Daniel Adams, chair of the department of art and design, is a member of the Arkansas Society of Printmakers and has contributed several pieces to the art show.

“My terminal degree is in printmaking. I create prints constantly,” Adams said. “I typically create 12-20 different print images every year.”

One set by Adams called Glass Blocks is made up of seven pieces in color reduction relief all from the same point of inspiration.

“We have a glass block window in our house, and I love the light and color patterns that come through at different times of day and during different seasons,” he said. “A color reduction relief print is where you draw an image on a block of wood and cut away non-image areas before inking and printing.”

Adams regularly exhibits his prints with the other artists. Neal Harrington, who was recently included in the 57th Annual Delta Exhibition in the Arkansas Arts Center, is one of those artists.

Harrington has two pieces displayed called “On the Back of the Ancestors.”

“Neal is originally from South Dakota, and those two pieces are related to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monuments there in South Dakota,” Adams said.

Director of Photo Services

Most of the prints are color reduction reliefs and lithographs. All are traditionally produced by hand with no computer/digital printing involved.

“A lithograph is a print that is based on drawing on a limestone rock, inking it up and transferring the image to paper by running it through a litho press,” Adams said.

Erin Hanson, public relations intern

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Name: Dylan Sherrill
Classification: Junior
Major: Double major in accounting and management information systems
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Studying at: HUF

HU: What is your current location?
DS: The Villa (Scandicci)

HU: What has been your favorite group trip in Italy?
DS: My favorite group trip was Cinque Terre because we went to the beach and had a devo by the sea that evening.

HU: What has been your favorite place you’ve traveled outside of Italy?
DS: My favorite place outside of Italy so far has been Prague on first free travel. It was my favorite because it felt like an old town city on the outside but was incredibly modern inside buildings.

Photo courtesy Dylan Sherrill.

HU: What do you love most about Florence?
DS: I love Florence for its heritage and dedication to remembering it. Because it is the birthplace of the Renaissance, it has a responsibility to carry on the legacy even hundreds of years later.

HU: What has been your favorite meal in the villa?
DS: My favorite meal at the villa is pasta with white sauce as the appetizer and pork with mashed potatoes and green beans as the main course. For dessert it was fantastic when it was someone’s birthday because they would serve a special cake from a bakery. And the best part is unlimited pasta and water.

HU: What’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased for yourself?
DS: I haven’t purchased my favorite thing yet, but I will be soon when I visit St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. It is the birthplace of golf, and I will be getting a polo from their pro shop.

HU: What are you most looking forward to in the next weeks to come?
DS: I am most looking forward to lovely English speaking people in the UK but mostly because my favorite city is London, which I visited three years ago.

Stay tuned for more profiles on students as they experience the opportunity Harding provides in unique cultures and extraordinary sites at the University’s international programs.

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Photo by Ashel Parsons

Photo by Ashel Parson

Harding provides opportunities for students to continue learning throughout the summer through intersession, online, and on ground courses. Jackson Petty, a senior chemistry major from Tullahoma, Tennessee, took advantage of that opportunity this summer.

“I got to know the teachers really fast because I was in class for four and a half hours every day with them.”

Petty, the 27th member of his family to attend Harding, says the University is like his second home. He took microbiology with Dr. Steve Moore during the first summer session and says he enjoyed it.

“It was definitely a transition from seeing a teacher one hour, three times a week,” he said. “But I tell all my friends that summers at Harding are enjoyable because the classes are condensed, there is only one class to focus on, and you’re more on your own.”

With a major in chemistry and a focus in predentistry, Petty plans on attending dental school following his graduation next May.

“My whole family is in the dental field except my brother — the black sheep,” Petty jokes. “I want to work with an established dental practice before thinking about taking over my dad’s practice.”

While Petty appreciates the routine that summer courses provide, he misses his friends who are at Harding during the school year. He also mentions it is a lot quieter on campus.

“There is not much variety to my schedule in the summer, so I’m glad I have graduated friends who live in Searcy,” Petty said. “I play volleyball and bike a lot more for entertainment.

Erin Hanson, public relations intern


Construction on the First Ladies Garden is moving along.

Construction on the First Ladies Garden is moving along.

The department of physical resources has been busy this summer with a number of projects across campus. It seems like on every corner work is being done to create new spaces or improve current ones.

At the end of the week, workmen will begin tearing down three University-owned houses to make room for additional parking on the north side of campus. The new lot will provide space for approximately 120 additional cars. and enhance parking for commuting students and visitors using the Burks American Heritage Building, the student center and the McInteer. Until then, the Searcy fire department is using the space each morning for training exercises.

Construction on the first ladies garden is coming along. Located in between Legacy Park and Stevens and Shores women’s dorms, the garden will recognize past, present and future first ladies and will include five distinct gardens, a colonnade, a water feature with a sculpture, benches placed throughout for seating, and an outdoor classroom.

In addition to those new spaces, the track in First Security Stadium is getting a makeover. The process involves taking up the old track, paving, curing, putting down the new track, striping, and more curing. The improvements to the track will benefit a number of our athletic teams who train there and the entire campus community.

Central to student activity, the Hammon Student Center is undergoing a few renovations. The Center for Student Success on the second floor is expanding into the old space that housed student publications. On the first floor, Taco Bell is spreading out in their current space, Einstein Bros Bagles will be making a home, and the HUM is turning into a P.O.D. (Provisions On Demand) Market and increasing in square footage.

Next on the construction agenda is the $4 million renovation and expansion of Rhodes Field House and $2 million renovation of Ganus Athletic Center.

Hannah Owens, director of news services

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Name: Janet Jones
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Drama/speech with teaching certification
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Studying at: HUF


HU: What is your current location?
JJ: Florence, Italy

HU: What is your favorite part about living there?
JJ: Italian culture! Everything is so different, and I love learning new things.

HU: What is it like living in a 16th-century Italian villa?
JJ: It’s very interesting living here. My family renovates houses on the side, so I love seeing the different configurations of the villa. My favorite part about the villa is that there is so much to do here. There are so many rooms where people can chill, watch a movie, play games, etc.

HU: What was going through your mind when you first walked up that famous hill and saw where you would be living for the summer?
JJ: I was in awe. I couldn’t believe that I was living in this amazing country for the next three months. I’m still in shock that I am living in this amazing place with such an incredible view.

HU: Where in the villa do you most like to hang out and why?
JJ: I like to hang out outside. We have a court to play volleyball/basketball, and we have a giant table and two couch swings. We do homework outside when the weather is nice, and we play volleyball at night. It’s so much fun to bond with people.

HU: What do mealtimes in the villa look like?
JJ: I have yet to have a meal here that I haven’t liked. We have several options, usually with a form of pasta, some meat, fruit, bread and Nutella. We are very well fed here! Everyone sits in the same room with six long tables. At the beginning, the tables were numbered and we would each draw a number out of a bowl with a number on it. We got to eat with a different combination of people every meal. It was so much fun getting to know everyone that way.

HU: What are you most looking forward to during the semester?
JJ: I am really looking forward to free travel! I just came back from the Milan Expo yesterday, and I got to see many other countries’ cultures. It makes me that much more excited to go with my friends to the countries I have been dreaming about since I was little.

Stay tuned for more profiles on students as they experience the opportunity Harding provides in unique cultures and extraordinary sites at the University’s international programs.

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Name: Kory Jones
Classification: Senior
Major: English with teaching certification
Hometown: Decatur, Texas
Studying at: COE-HUS (College of Education in Scotland, a five-week summer program for pre-student teachers.)

HU: What is your current location?
KJ: Larbert, Scotland

HU: What has been your favorite experience you’ve had so far?
KJ: My favorite experience has been observing in the schools. The kids are fabulous, the teachers are so helpful, and the staff is so friendly. It’s been such a great experience to be in the school and see a different style of teaching.

HU: What is your favorite photo you’ve taken so far?


KJ: This photo is my favorite photo so far. It was taken behind the Van Loom house in Amsterdam. It’s a garden — a rather large one — that is one of many hidden behind the houses that line the canals. It was so beautiful and peaceful that I fell in love and I wish it would have fit in my suitcase.

HU: If you could go back right now to before you left and give yourself a piece of advice about the trip, what would it be?
KJ: It would be to stay calm. When things go wrong (like being delayed in airports for two days), it’s important to remember that everything will be OK and you will eventually get to where you’re going. It just might not be the way you expect.

HU: What are you most looking forward to during the semester?
KJ: I am most looking forward to free travel and “The Sound of Music” bike tour! I am a huge fan of “The Sound of Music,” and I can’t wait to get to Salzburg and see the hills.

Stay tuned for more profiles on students as they experience the opportunity Harding provides in unique cultures and extraordinary sites at the University’s international programs.

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Uplift 2014 (Photo courtesy Uplift Media Team.)

Uplift 2014 (Photo courtesy Uplift Media Team.)

Hundreds of teenagers from across the country will be on campus this summer Uplift 2015, “Send Me.” Open to high school students in 7th-12th grades, this summer camp provides unique opportunities for youth groups and individual students to build and strengthen relationships through Bible classes throughout the day, recreational and entertaining activities, and group worship times.

When I was in middle school, my youth minister announced to the youth group that we were going to start going to Uplift. None of us had been before or knew what to expect, so the group that went the first year was small and mostly consisted of teens my age. The theme was “The Call” based on the story of Jonah. It was my first experience on the HU campus, and it was an unforgettable one.

I grew in my relationship with God and with my youth group during that week. I learned more about God’s purpose for my life and what actions I should take to glorify him in my daily walk. But the most unique thing that happened during that week was that I challenged myself to talk openly about what I was learning and how I was feeling with the rest of the group.

I remember one particular night when we were all sitting in a stairwell in the Pryor-England science building after an evening session. My youth minister was talking to all of us about his thoughts from the session, and everyone ended up taking a few minutes to share honest feelings and thoughts about struggles. We learned from each other, and our group was strengthened by our time in that stairwell. After four years as a student and almost four years as an employee, I still always think of that moment when I find myself in that stairwell.

Three sessions of Uplift will be held this summer: June 13-18, June 20-25 and June 27-July 2. You can see a schedule of the week here.

Harding played a role in my spiritual development before I even knew I was going to be a student here. And now, years later, I’m sitting here smiling because I know firsthand that starting tomorrow, Uplift campers will get to experience some of those same feelings I had.

Hannah Owens, director of news services

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Name: Thomas Hesson
Classification: Junior
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Studying at: HUG

HU: What is your current location?
TH: Porto Rafti. It’s about 45 minutes outside of Athens.

HU: What has been the most interesting thing that has happened on your journey so far?
TH: Going into Athens and seeing the Parthenon. I was completely taken aback at the sight of it.

HU: How many photos do you think you’ve taken as of now?
TH: I’ve taken more than 1,000 photos.

HU: Do you have a favorite?
TH: My favorite photo is this one because it’s the view from Porto Rafti, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


HU: What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten so far?
TH: The strangest thing we have eaten so far is definitely squid, but it was also one of my favorite things!

HU: What are you most looking forward to during the semester?
TH: It’s really hard to decide what I’m looking forward to this summer. But if I had to pick one it would definitely be our trip to Israel! I’m so excited to actually see where Jesus walked and shared the gospel.

Stay tuned for more profiles on students as they experience the opportunity Harding provides in unique cultures and extraordinary sites at the University’s international programs.

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