Building Spring Sing

Sitting in the Benson, looking down at the stage in the midst of Spring Sing, the infrastructure on stage is the subtle backdrop that characterizes the personality of this year’s show.

With the help of approximately 18 students, Assistant Technical Director Seth Fish began working on this year’s Spring Sing shortly after the last curtain closed on Spring Sing last April.

“We are always working on Spring Sing,” Fish said. “From the moment the curtain goes down on the previous one, we take a moment to breath and then we set up again.”

From conceptualizing the overall theme for the next year to picking new club Spring Sing directors, Director Steve Frye always has a vision.

“It is my job to turn that vision into a reality, and it’s a multistep process,” Fish said.

The process moves in stages that involves brainstorming, combining ideas into a design, drafting, programming and budgeting.

After the entire stage is planned, the pieces are broken down into smaller pieces. With Fish’s guidance, students work to construct the pieces before they are transported to the Benson and painted. These pieces become the platform to showcase the work of hundreds of students.

“That’s part of my job that people don’t realized,” Fish said. “We are trying to make it so that you just get the final product. It’s beautiful, and you love it. But you don’t see the rest of the iceberg, you just see the top of it, which is what we want you to see.”

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