CAB hosts anti-stress fest

image1April 27, 2016 | Campus Activities Board |

Harding’s Campus Activities Board hosted the annual anti-stress fest April 28 from 9-10:30 p.m. in the Student Center pit.

“I wanted to provide a time of relief from studying and the stress that accompanies the end of the year,” Director of Campus Life Logan Light said. “I wanted it to be a time to recharge and gear up for more studying.”

The event included prizes, free coffee, free snacks and karaoke. The anti-stress fest is designed to give students a break from studying for finals.

“There is no better way to relax during a crazy week than to laugh while your friends sing ridiculous songs,” CAB co-director Phoebe Cunningham said. “Besides the obvious fun karaoke provides, we will also have free food, which is hard to come by when we are all out of DCB.”

This is the fourth annual anti-stress fest, and according to junior psychology Victoria Deboef, having opportunities to unwind and relax makes a difference during finals week.

“The CAB anti-stress fests have always been really helpful,” Deboef said. “I get to spend time with friends and take a break from studying while enjoying fun activities we don’t have every day on campus.”

Because the event acts as a study break and attendance is come and go, there are usually hundreds of students who take advantage of the study break by the end of the night.

“It has been proven that college students are under an intense amount of stress, and that stress can lead to some unhealthy side effects,” Light said. “Hopefully a fun time like this one will provide some relief.”


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