“Harding helps you continue to pursue your identity and your purpose…”


College of Sciences | Mathematics

Dallas Herrmann is pursuing his math major with a specific goal in mind — to become a high school teacher.

“I love to see kids work, succeed and come together, and I think the teenage years are very important in a kid’s life, to their beliefs and in their ethics, and so I want to play a role in that.”

Herrmann chose to study math specifically because he felt that it was a marketable subject as a teacher as well as for the benefits of learning to think critically.

“Math helps you look at different areas of situations in life that maybe you haven’t before. It gives you perspective, and I think it helps with your overall intelligence. It teaches you work ethic and to work with others because that’s very important.”

So far Herrmann’s overall favorite class has been freshman Bible with Scott Adair and, in the math department, linear algebra, which he says stretched his conceptual thinking. Herrmann recommends students take advantage of faculty office hours when enrolled in a difficult class.

“The math teachers here are the most giving people I know with their time. They’re understanding of where I’m coming from. They do all they can to put me in a place to understand what I need to. Don’t be afraid to go and talk to that teacher because they are there for you and they want to see you succeed and they’re giving you all the tools you need to succeed.”

Herrmann encourages those considering Harding to look for good friends to work together with and to stay involved in opportunities around campus.

“If you ever question whether you should do something and whether or not you’ll have enough time, you should do it. You’re only in college once, and there are so many amazing opportunities and experiences that help you grow not only as an individual but also in your friendships and your relationships with others. People are one of the biggest influences in your life, and the more time you spend around other Christian people, the more you will grow.”

Herrmann has stayed active on campus since his freshman year, performing in a Homecoming musical, participating in choir, and joining TNT social club with whom he played club sports, completed service projects and performed in Spring Sing.

“Harding helps you continue to pursue your identity and your purpose, not only in your career choice but also as a Christian. When it comes down to it, our purpose is his kingdom, and Harding really is a community of mission. There’s a mission not only in your personal life but a greater one in the kingdom of God, and I’ve realized that more fully how high of a calling we have. Harding equips us to do that.”

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