Dressing Spring Sing

In the fall semester, the initial designs and ideas for the spring sing costumes are stitched together.

After a trip to New York City where they bought fabric and got inspired by a couple of Broadway shows, McKay Murray, costume shop coordinator, begins the process of turning ideas into realized costumes for Spring Sing’s hosts, hostesses and ensemble members.

“We are going to have a lot of sequins in this show,” Murray said. “It’s going to be very sparkly.”

Working closely with Director of the Hosts, Hostesses and Ensemble Dottie Frye, Murray takes their inspiration and builds mock-ups on dress forms, trying them on the actor when they are available. Once the costume is finalized, the real fabric is cut.  

“I always enjoy watching the transformation that the students go through from the time they are in rehearsals in tennis shoes and sweatpants to the costume,” Murray said. “When they begin to get the costume one and see what it’s going to be like, they begin to really get excited. It’s fun to watch them put on these costumes and then get to be excited about what it’s going to look like on stage.”

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